Powershield™ Coatings and Pricing

Thermal Barrier/Thermal Dispersant Coatings
Exhaust Pipes w/out Headers $35/foot
Small Block Full Length $375/set
Big Block Full Length $440/set
Cycle & 4 Cylinders $250/set
V6 Full Length $270/set
Cast Manifold $250/set
Exhaust Pipes w/Headers $30/foot
Block Huggers V4, V6, V8 $250/set
Mufflers (any) $50/each
Funny Car (Zoomie) $540/set
Dragster (Zoomie) $340/set
Turbo Housing $170/each
Dune Buggy $250/set
Snowmobile Muffler $105/each
Canister/Collector $70/each
Top & Skirt $70/each
Top Only $35/each
Skirt Only $35/each
Wrist Pin $25/each
Face Only $15/each
Stem Only (Low Friction) $15/each
Face and Radius $25/each
Valve Train Components
Valve Springs (Set of 16) $295
Timing Gears and Chains $115/set
Timing Covers (OD Only) $55/each
Valve Covers (OD Only) $90/each
Valve Covers (Inside/Oil Shedding) $105/each
Intake Manifolds
Top Only $340/each
Inside Runners $250/each
Complete Manifold $540/each
Tunnel Rams $305/each
Engine Bottom End Components
Crankshaft (Oil Shedding) $340/each
Connecting Rod (Oil Shedding) $65/each
Powder Coating
Car $1080 and Up
Motorcycle $645 and Up
Go Kart $405 and Up
ATV’s $375 and Up
Car $165 and Up
Motorcycle $145 and Up

NOTE: We are NOT responsible for outgassing of metals

Miscellaneous Automotive or Motorcycle Parts
Power Coating of All Miscellaneous Parts $20 per square foot
Rear End $340/each
Spindles $135/each
Drive Shafts $240
Coil Springs $115/each
Leaf Springs $30/each
Bumpers $340
Brake Drums $65
Engine Heads $265
Engine Blocks $540
Engine Pulleys $35
Air Cleaners $105
Oil Pans $170
Brake Calipers $75
Blower Housing $205
Hood Hinges $75


– Prices may vary depending on condition of parts.

– Minimum Order Charge – $205.00

– All prices subject to change due to labor and material increases.

– Special stripping charges (a cost of $90 total) apply if:

Exhaust previously coated