Go Faster. Stop Shorter. Look Better. Last Longer.

We Are Powershield Coatings

Powershield™ Coatings can increase every aspect of your performance.
We’ve been in the business for 60 years and know how to make your ride as efficient, powerful, and safe as possible.

We’ve coated everything from mufflers, to parts of the Statue of Liberty.

Now, we’ve paired our coating talents with a genuine love for motorsports.

Our Leadership

Get to know the people behind Powershield Coatings


Artie “Buzz” McElwee III
President of Toefco
Owner of the Powershield Coatings Alcohol Dragster

Mark McElwee
Driver of the Pro Open Outlaw Dragster

Craig Ponsler
Sales and Marketing

Why Us?

Powershield™ Coatings, a subsidiary of Toefco Engineered Coating Systems, Inc., has extensive experience helping teams get more power and longer life from headers, better efficiency from your brakes, and a performance boost from your pistons and valve train components.

Technology, Techniques, and Expertise

Superior Craftsmen

Creative Solutions to Original Problems

Motorsports Expertise

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Motorsport Enthusiasts Get Excited!

You now have a spray-applied industrial coatings specialist geared specifically for your needs.

Coating and Pricing

Powershield™ Coatings is made up of specialists. We have access to all of Toefco’s hundreds of different coatings, but we’ve focused on perfecting those geared towards motorsports:

Dry Film Lubricants

Metallic Ceramics

Custom Powders

Graphite Coatings

High Temperature Paints



By narrowing the field, we’ve refined our technique.
If you want to smoke the competition and look good while doing it, Powershield™ Coatings is the only option for you and your team.

Curious about our pricing?

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions or just want to get to know us better, feel free to use this form to get in touch. Our team of engineers will respond to your question within 24 hours and most questions are answered within 36 hours.

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